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DSY Auto Group’s entire business model is focused on customer service and quality. With our technological advanced cleaning system, we offer a weekly car care routine that preserves and maintains the aesthetic features of your vehicle. Our car detailers are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of vehicle restoration and preservation. Whether you’re seeking just a car wash or to restore the exterior features of your car, we can help.


Premium Washing Services

DSY Premium Washing Services is an all-inclusive car cleaning service that focuses on dirt and grime removal. Our interior and exterior cleaning services offer a range of cleansing options, so your car can look its best. A detailing specialist will assess your car’s exterior and interior and select a cleansing routine that will not only enhance the beauty of the car but also preserve the integrity of the paint.

Exterior cleaning service
Our exterior cleaning service includes the cleaning of all exterior features including but not limited to tires, rims, and windows. Customers can choose a foam wash or a traditional wash. For cars with oxidized paint, a cleansing wax may be necessary. If your car has a buildup of dirt and grime, a hot pressure wash allows for a deeper clean.

Headlight restoration services. 
Additionally, we offer headlight restoration services. Overtime, watermarks and dirt become trapped in the headlights making it cloudy and dull. Our team will restore your headlights to its manufactured condition. Interior cleaning allows the decontamination of the console, dashboard, and steering wheel. Floors are also included. Customers can choose to have the floors vacuumed or shampooed.

Paint Protection & Correction

DSY Auto specializes in paint protection and correction. Based on the car’s paint condition, a treatment system is applied. Our premium quality ceramic coating provides the maximum level of protection. Customers can choose our 1, 3, or 5 year option. It’s scratch-resistant, water repellent, and UV resistant. We also offer an infra-red curing for a final finish.

Other options for paint correction include touch up correction for the vehicles body. Customers can request hand applied wax or a buffered wax. Both options will provide a brilliant shine and protection. A multilayered application insures perfection and optimum coverage. One of our detailing specialists will help you in selecting the best option for your vehicle.

Fabric Treatment

Having protection for your car’s fabric is an investment that will yield positive results for years to come. It may seem like a no brainer, but many people fail to realize the importance of protecting their car’s fabric. Our high-end fabric treatment provides superior results. We offer the following treatment options.

Stain Repellent
Some stains are hard to remove once they have penetrated the fabric. Stain repellent protects fabric from liquids and spills. It will bead up on the surface and allow you more time to clean. Some stain repellants contain UV protection.

Waterproofing protects the fabric from water and spills. If you have fabric seats, this is a must. The waterproofing will allow you time to remove the water while avoiding penetration.

Fabric Treatment

Most car leathers are 99% pigmented leather. Therefore, the age and condition of the leather is critical in determining the best treatment option. Whether your leather is new, antique, matt, gloss, perforated, or embossed, we can help. Our leather treatment options include the following.

Although polish is normally used for aesthetic reasons, it also a great protectant. Polish enhances the shine of the leather and protect it from wear and tear. Many polishes also contain moisturizing agents, cleaners, and protectants. One of our professional detailers will choose the right polish for your car, so your leather maintains its condition for years to come.

A conditioner or cream may be necessary to prevent your leather from cracking or drying out. It won’t make it shine, but it will protect it. How long you use a cream or conditioner depends on the condition of the leather. Professionals recommend every 6 -12 months.

A leather waterproofing product will only make the surface water repel. It doesn’t have any emollients. Therefore, there is nothing there to make the leather soft and prevent cracking. Car leather needs moisture to remain supple. However, any liquids or water that meet the leather will not penetrate it.

Was recommended through a friend to have my detail done here on my Hilux. The guys here did an awesome job on it, also managed to get all the road grime that was scattered across the sides. So happy with the outcome that I've already booked my next session 2 weeks from now to try out the ceramic coating, can't wait. Top work guys!
“I got this place recommended as a friend and i decided to try it. Was very pleased with the detailing in particular. Great service and I will definitely be coming back”

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