Wheel Protection

To help protect your wheel against brake dust, offer them protection and make them easy to maintain, we here at DSY auto group use Gtechniq Wheel Armour technology to protect your wheels in every situation. 

This wheel armor is known for its unique and exceptional ability in providing enhanced performance and uses only the best bonding mechanism in its design. 

All of our wheel coatings are sprayed on and will be sure to reach all parts of the wheel. The durable surface is what gives this wheel protection technology its enhanced resistance to contaminants. 

This wheel protections former property gives your wheel added protection and severely reduced maintenance costs. 

The Gtecnhniq wheel armors unique properties make it the number one wheel armor for lasting protection for your vehicle.

  • Durability for two years
  • Reduces maintenance costs for rims and adds lasting protection
  • Suitable for brake calipers and exhaust tips as well as wheels.