Paint Protection

Here at DSY Auto Group, we use several high quality and professional methods of paint protection that will greatly enhance the look and durability of your vehicle’s bodywork.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is one the most recent innovations in the paint protection field, and is commonly referred to as glass or ceramic coating. This type of coating has been shown to be super effective, especially when compared to some of the more traditional products. Ceramic coating helps provide long-lasting protection while enhancing the appearance of the car. 


The Crystal Serum Ultra from Gtechniq is one of the best paint protectors our technicians, who possess years of experience in bodywork, prefer.  This ultimate protection agent provides a slick surface with a beautiful glossed finished and is second to none for protection quality.


Crystal Serum Light is another option that offers most of the protection of the Serum Ultra coating, although not as glossy. The Gtehniq Serum Ultra and Lights are the pinnacle of contaminant protection on the market right now.