Logbook & Pinkslip Services

Getting your car inspected from an authorised car service agent is essential to prolong the life of your vehicle. At DSY Auto Group we follow the highest standards to provide the best car inspection services.

Logbook Services

If your car dealer is far away from your place we can perform the necessary maintenance on your vehicle. Our services are of high standards and in line with the specifications laid down by the manufacturer. Our experienced staff will use the necessary tools to inspect your vehicle. This will help to identify the condition of the vehicle and suggest necessary changes. 

Pink slip Services

All vehicles more than five years old need a safety check or pink slip to get their registration renewed. This inspection is mandatory and helps to ensure passenger safety. It involves checking all the parts of the vehicle like tyres, body, engine, electrical, equipment, brakes, etc. We are authorised to perform this safety check. Our staff will check the vehicle and issue the pink slip if your car meets the requirements. If not, we will suggest the repairs that are required to help you renew the registration.