Exterior Detailing

Here at DSY Auto Group you will find the best maintenance car services. We have many years of experience and all our happy customers support the excellent job that we always do. This is possible because we always use high-quality products and our employees are perfectly qualified. Therefore, from detailing to a perfect paint we offer you excellent services so your car will be properly treated.

Maintenance Car Wash

Usually, car washing is the most underestimated part of the maintenance. However, a bad washing can cause scratches and even swirls on your car paint. That's why we do hand wash using exclusively high-quality products. Our hand washing services include using two-buckets to guarantee that your car is going to be perfectly clean with fewer possibilities of swirls, scratches or marring.

DSY Auto Maintenance Car Wash

This service is the perfect wash maintenance to keep your car in optimal conditions. Besides, to our hand wash service we also apply a ceramic spray throughout the drying process. It helps to lubricate the drying towels, to reduce the possibilities of a towel-induced marring, and to add an extra shinning and perdurable layer of protection that can last up to six weeks. To end the service, we clean all the edges of the windows.

Coating Maintenance

Exclusive for ceramic coated cars This service is ideal and exclusive for ceramic coating cars. It is recommended to perform this service annually since in this way we can inspect the car and if we find any detail, we proceed to repair it to keep the lining in perfect condition.

Exterior paint

Enhancement Corrections 

This is the distinction service when attempting to reestablish your paint and make it all the more outwardly engaging. We begin with our hand wash and exhaustive cleaning of the vehicle.

With this correction, we are expecting to expel about 85% of the imperfections from your paint and leave a drastically improved surface. We utilize a compound to expel twirls, scratches, and randomized imperfections from the coat.

We use polish to eliminate any staying light whirls or scratches to add optical clearness and profundity to the paint. When the adjustment stages are finished the vehicle is finished with an excellent silica shower sealant for added sparkle and extra assurance.

Multi-step correction

With this process you will ensure that your car’s paintwork is perfect. This procedure can normally take between 1-3 days. We begin by carefully hand washing the entire car to decontaminate it. After the car is dry, we begin to apply our mixture and polish panel by panel removing any scratches in the paint. You should consider this as a complete hand worked service as it can take a few days but at the same time it guarantees you that your cars paint will be in the best condition as possible. After the corrections we proceed to re-check the whole car thoroughly and finish polishing any detail that could remain, thus removing 98% of the defects.